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Chubes - Rainbow (Blue/Green/Yellow/Red)

Chubes - Rainbow (Blue/Green/Yellow/Red)

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Chubes are a hollow silicone chew that are perfect to tie onto those hoodie strings or can be threaded onto a cord for a necklace. Chubes come in a set of 4 so that you can have hoodie string chews as well as a necklace. If you don’t use them for hoodie strings you can choose to add one, two or all 4 Chubes to the cord. You can make extra necklaces with extra cords so that you have a chewable necklace for home and another for school or work. They have a matte finish and are a flexible silicone for mild to moderate chewers

We’ll add in a spare rugged cord so that you can have an extra Chube necklace – keep one at school and then one at home!

Perfect for those with anxiety and SPD. 

Made from the highest quality medical/food grade silicone, our products are also BPA,   BPS and phthalate free. The silicone inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold.

Everyone is different so a chewelry design that works for one person, may not work for another. You may also find that a different chewelry design is needed at different times. During periods of high stress or anxiety such as routine changes at work, home or school, you may need a stronger chew than what you would typically use.

How does chewelry work?

Our mouths are made up of muscles and joints that receive proprioceptive input as well as sensory input from items that we put in such as food or any other object.

Chewing or mouthing objects can calm and regulate the nervous system – think babies when they are sucking. We give a soother to a fussy baby to help calm them. Some people never grow out of this need. Their nervous system requires regulation.

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