Sledge Hockey "Try It" Day a Huge Success!

Sledge Hockey "Try It" Day a Huge Success!

What and incredible day of fun in the sun at our Sledge Hockey "Try It" Day event! 

Photo of people of Sledge Hockey sledges on ice skating rink.

We couldn't have asked for a nicer day to host such a fun event at Central Commons Park on Sunday, February 18th, in the University District in northwest Calgary.

Photo of Ryan Straschnitzki, Chris Cederstrand, and Tara Nelson sitting in sledge hockey sledges on ice.

The turn out for people wanting to give Sledge Hockey skating a try was much greater than expected! We had 16 sledges on loan from Chris Cederstrand at AMP Hockey. From start to finish there wasn't an empty sledge all day long. In fact there was a lineup of people still waiting to give it a try after the event concluded. Luckily everyone was able to have a turn!

Photo pf people trying sledge hockey skating on ice at Central Commons Park in University District, Calgary.

Big shout out to Ryan Straschnitzki of the Straz Strong Foundation and Chris Cederstrand (previously mentioned) for coming out and lending their expertise as well. It was really incredible to watch Ryan and Chris show what professionals can do on sledges; very, very impressive!

Photo of person trying sledge hockey skating

Thanks to some very helpful volunteers from the MRU and SAIT, AdaptAbility was able to host this event and handed out over 350 cups of hot Chocolate. A big thank you to the University District  for allowing us to host this event during their Winter Pop Up and for helping to provide signage and tables!

Photo of U of C volunteers standing at Hot Chocolate stand.Photo of U of C volunteer helping a child get into a sledge hockey sledge.

Also a special thanks to the Calgary Herald for coming out to cover the event and for writing this fantastic article. Thanks also to CTV and CBC for showing up to report on the event.

Stay tuned for more posts about all of the great events we have planned in the future!




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