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Cheelcare Companion Plus Adult & Pediatric Power Add-On for Manual Wheelchairs

Cheelcare Companion Plus Adult & Pediatric Power Add-On for Manual Wheelchairs

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The Companion Plus adult and pediatric power add-on for rigid and folding manual wheelchairs gives you the freedom to go anywhere life takes you! Give your mobility a boost and your arms a break! Take control of when you want to push and when you want to power. Conserve your shoulders and arms to reduce injury and avoid recovery time. 

Your Companion comes by default with a twist throttle, reverse mode selector (if equipped) and bicycle-style brake lever mounted on the right-hand side and large backlit LCD display on the left. You can request that the controls be mounted in any combination of positions, and optionally substitute the twist throttle for a thumb throttle if that's your preference.


- Quick-Connect: The unique mechanism means it takes under 10 seconds to connect or disconnect your Companion without the need to unbolt it. 
To connect Companion, to your wheelchair, attach the Companion Adaptor to the mount under your seat, roll up to the unit, and click it in by pushing up and away on the handlebars. Disconnect by pressing on the handlebars, pulling the release and lowering yourself to the ground.

- Simple Installation: Companion mounts to your rigid or folding wheelchair using four clamps. There is no need to drill into your frame, making the installation completely reversible. Installation can be performed by a trained dealer or you can perform the installation yourself. Our Support Team is available for remote assistance if you need advice along the way.

- Digital Display with 5-Speed Control
- Parking brake Function
- Soft-Grip Handles
- Powerful: High-torque motors give Companion powerful performance
- Quick Connect: Connect Companion to your wheelchair easily in seconds

- Maneuverable: Companion's compact design makes it highly maneuverable at home and around your neighbourhood with a tight turning radius to deliver outstanding maneuverability in tight spaces. 

- Travel-Friendly: Lightweight and portable, Companion is made to be travel and airline friendly. From sea to sky, and everywhere in between, Companion was designed in compliance with travel industry standards to be there with you every step of your journey. 

- Lightweight: Companion Plus weighs about 20 lbs/10kg making it easy to load and unload from your vehicle when you're on the go and adds as little as 2lbs to your chair when disconnected. 

- 3-hr Charge (full cycle)

Technical Specifications: 

- Speed: Up to 24km/hr; 1.6 km/hr in reverse
- Hub motor (350 W) with 20 cm/8 inch non-marking solid tire. 
- Powerful Drum Brakes
- Lithium Battery 36V 7.5Ah
- Range: Up to 30km/18.5-Mile Range On a Full Charge
- LCD Display showing battery charge status, trip distance, and speed
- Recommended combined wheelchair and user weight be less than 240 lbs
- Docking module for rigid or foldable wheelchairs. Four different dimensions for folding wheelchairs: 28-33 cm, 35-40 cm, 43-48 cm, and 50-56 cm. Order one depending on the length between centers of the mounting frame tubes. 
-Clamps for the Docking Module have a mounting diameter of 25.4mm/1in or 31.75/1.25in. 

*Designed and manufactured in Canada. 

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