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Round Fiber Optic Curtain Light - 100 strands

Round Fiber Optic Curtain Light - 100 strands

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  • This Fiber Optic Curtain provides fantastic visual and tactile stimulation through the color changing lights and flowing fiber optic tails. Children can either sit under the curtain, play with it, or watch it from another part of the room. Kids love touching, holding, twisting, and manipulating the strands in their hands.

  • This kind of equipment is widely used for psychological relief in various treatments: Snoezelen therapy, Tomatis therapy, Floor time, play therapy, and is an essential part of any dark sensory room. It stimulates vision, along with tactile, proprioceptive and auditory systems. The light fibers are placed into a PVC tube and look like delicate, touchable water streams. They’re noiseless, pleasant to touch, and also safe - since the tubes are made of a special type of latex that doesn’t heat up.

  • This fiber Optic Curtain consists of 100 fiber optic tails cascading down a mirrored plate – adding a new dimension with the reflection. Each tail consists of 3 fiber optic strands wrapped in an outer plastic tube. The fiber optics are powered by a light source (included) that sits neatly ontop of the curtain and plugs into a standard outlet. Securely Mount the curtain to any ceiling using the mounting pieces and instructions included. Curtain is 20 Inches x 84 Inches.

  • Use remote control included to conveniently control all features. Choose between your/your childs favorite color, mode, and speed settings at the touch of a button. Customize this Sensory Fiber Optic Curtain and make it your own!
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