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Watch Time Timer

Watch Time Timer

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Enjoy all the benefits of your favorite Time Timer on the go. The Time Timer watch is an easy way to keep your daily routine on track, increase focus throughout the day, and improve independence and self-regulation, all in a discreet and portable way. Its sporty design and enhanced durability will suit students, athletes, adults, and education and health professionals. Not to mention that it can go underwater to a depth of 30 m.

To enhance the experience, the Time Timer can be paired with several accessories such as the new interchangeable bands that allow you to customize and match the colors to your style. And the portable case, so you can hang your watch from a backpack, belt or keychain.

Whether you depend on Time Timer® products to help you or others with ADHD, autism or other cognitive variances, or simply want the look of a fun, sporty watch that increases productivity, Time Timer® is your solution.

  • Design: its sporty look will be the perfect accessory for active users of all ages and their daily challenges
  • Practical: carry it with you anywhere and anytime, even underwater
  • Ergonomic: the patented red disc and larger numbers for easy reading
  • Age: 5 years and up
  • Colours: Sequoia green or Arctic White
  • Content: 1 watch and 1 battery, type CR2032
  • Dial Dimensions: 4 x 4.7 cm
  • Composition: silicone compound bands

The watch is composed of 3 powerful modes:

  1. Visual Time Timer: set an original 60-minute timer or custom up to 99 hours. An optional snooze alert is available and perfect for anyone who needs regular reminders to take medication, highlight the start of a particular routine or a reminder to stay focused on a specific task.
  2. Clock: analog and digital display in 12 or 24-hour format.
  3. Alarm: set an alarm, regardless of the time of day. The alarm can be displayed in many ways: silent, beep, vibrate or beep and vibrate simultaneously. This allows the user to select the alarm option that best suits their sensory needs, whether they have auditory or tactile sensitivities or variations in hearing ability.

*Access all instructions by downloading the QR code found directly on the box.

Two Sizes: 

ADULT: Fits a wrist from 13.9 to 20.9 cm

YOUTH: the bracelet fits a wrist from 12.7 to 17.7 cm

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